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About Pitch Digital

The Pitch Digital platform provides a low cost solution for the standard requirements we are so often asked for. We build your site for you by capturing just enough information to get you started. Start allows you to update text and images yourself, with support from our team if you need it. We’ve listened to feedback from our clients and developed a tool that is simple to understand, extremely easy to use and operates around a flexible monthly cost that suits you.

Recently crafted sites

Some sites we recently built for our clients

All of these sites have been built using one of our customised templates

Start Customising

Your chosen design

We offer a wide range of designs. Your dedicated site builder will talk you through making a design choice and offer options to customise it to suit your business colours, fonts and imagery. We'll provide you with a memorable, modern site that remains easy to use.

Start Talking

About support

We know our value is being there when you need us. If you have questions, our timebank plans allow for us to support you and help with whatever is causing concern - from advice on SEO, to setting up an email account. Pitch Digital is the foundation for us to help you - big agency service, at freelancer prices.


Digital Marketing

Your Pitch Digital website is the beginning of raising your profile in the digital world. We can provide a range of advice, free tools and training to help you make your digital marketing a success.

Six easy steps to get started


The first step is to get in touch with us via the online form, stating your preferred contact time and telephone number. One of our site builders will then call you for a 10 minute conversation, to outline a few simple details such as preferred template, content and marketing.

Initial build

After the initial conversation we will start building your site from your chosen template and apply your logo and content to the template. Your site builder will outline the plan for creation of your site. Once we have something to show you we will be in touch to let you know how to review what we have created. Reviewing the site will usually take 30 minutes of your time.


Once the site is built we will schedule a call with you to discuss your the site, this will take 30 minutes. The site builder will walk you through the site and discuss any feedback you may have.

Connect domain

Once you are happy with your site, we will walk you through connecting your domain to your new site, which normally takes 15 minutes with your IT supplier, or whoever manages your domain name. If you do not already have one then we'll purchase a domain for you and connect it to your site.

Go live

After everything has been connected up, your new site will be live and ready for you to start promoting. As your business grows we understand your website will need to evolve. This is where we the power of our platform kicks in as your site can grow onto using our bespoke platform and services whenever you are ready.

Making changes

Your new site comes with a content management system, this means you can login and edit your content from any location, at any time. We'll show you how to use it, but if you do have questions, simply submit a support ticket and we will arrange a time to call.

what you get

With your site

Mobile Friendly Design

Your site will work across modern mobile and tablet devices

Customised Site Design

Choose a proven, beautifully designed, modern website template

No Lock-in

We have built our platform the leading Drupal CMS, so you aren't tied to us

Cross-Browser Support

Each template will work on Internet Explorer 9 and above

Fully Editable

You can easily edit all of the personalised content on the site

Contact Forms

We can create contact forms for emailing your customer enquiries to you

Bespoke Design

Apply your brand colours, font and and logo, and make it your own

More Features

You can create: pages, news articles, blogs, galleries and more...

Setup fees from
Flat fee to start a beautiful responsive website for you, your product, business, or the Local Community

+ A monthly package to suit your needs

We offer 3 simple service levels to help make your site your own and kick-start your digital marketing

  • Standard
  • £45
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Edit page content and images
  • Embed audio and video
  • Publish news updates
  • Manage attachments and downloads
  • Social media links
  • Track your visitor traffic
  • Contact form

  • Up to 30 minutes for:
  • Technical support
  • Get In Touch
  • Business
  • £95
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Edit page content and images
  • Embed audio and video
  • Publish news updates
  • Manage attachments and downloads
  • Social media links
  • Track your visitor traffic
  • Contact form

  • Most popular plan!
  • Up to 1 hour per month for:
  • Technical support or
  • SEO consultancy & advice
  • Get In Touch
  • Professional
  • £235
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Edit page content and images
  • Embed audio and video
  • Publish news updates
  • Manage attachments and downloads
  • Social media links
  • Track your visitor traffic
  • Contact form

  • Up to 3 hours per month to cover:
  • Technical support
  • SEO consultancy & advice
  • Internet Marketing advice
  • Get In Touch

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Popular Answers

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions

Over the last decade we’ve realised that lots of our smaller clients wanted a simple, low-cost website that they could update themselves.

There are lots of ‘site builder’ alternatives out there, and you’ve probably seen the adverts on TV. However we wanted to provide a fully-fledged content management system that didn’t tie customers to licence fees, or lock them to using any specific company. And so we developed Pitch Digital.

What makes Pitch Digital different is that while we provide the economy of scale that’s comparable to a ‘site builder’ platform, once your business outgrows the capability of the system, you don’t lose all the time and money you’ve invested into your first website. By exporting your site, we can give you a fully standalone Drupal content management system that can be hosted anywhere, upgraded or expanded.
Drupal is a content management system (although it can be configured do other things, like e-commerce, too). This allows you to change text and images on your website with relatively basic computer skills. For anything that becomes a challenge, our support teams can help you to use the tools available within Pitch Digital.
Drupal is a leading Open Source platform, used by businesses, organisations, and the government, to edit and update content on websites of all shapes and sizes. We’ve been using it for over a decade to help our clients solve problems, from local businesses, to national government.

Because Drupal is Open Source, it doesn’t come with strings attached, so there are no licence fees - we take free software, and configure it for you. This means that you will own an industry-standard website platform that can grow and evolve alongside your business.
Once your site is built, you'll be billed for your monthly plan. You can change you plan upwards at any time, and you can cancel the service, or drop-back down to a smaller plan by giving us 30 days notice.
Pitch Digital websites are hosted on one of the UK’s leading cloud platforms, providing additional stability and performance over an equivalent standalone web server. This means that all data is held within the UK, and our site performance is equivalent to most other websites.
Because Pitch Digital uses Drupal, it’s naturally search engine friendly. Drupal is a fully fledged content management system, rather than a ‘site builder’ service, so Google sees your site as a standalone website rather than one huge platform containing lots of smaller sites. Depending on the package you select we can also help you improve your search engine ranking, by helping you with keywords and optimising your meta data accordingly.
Pitch Digital is built using the Drupal Open Source platform, so there are thousands of freelancers and agencies across the UK that will be able to develop your site further. However because Pitch Digital is our own version of the Drupal platform, we will need to perform an export if you decide to move your site away from us. This takes a couple of hours and the time can be used from your remaining unused support hours, or billed as a small one off fee.
Once your site goes live, you can call or email us any time during office hours, and we'll help you with content updates, adding new images, or general help with search engine optimisation, social media - one of our experts will be able to discuss this using your available support time, depending on the package you've selected. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your package at any time, with 30 days' notice.
If your business needs change or grow, we can export your site to create a standalone Drupal CMS that can be upgraded or modified to do virtually anything - hence calling this Pitch Digital - as well as working with huge organisations, we also help local businesses grow and evolve, by supporting you right from the start.